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CLANDO (1996)

1h 36min   |   French and English subtles   | 

Un film de Jean-Marie teno

Proud and determined, the hunter set out, leaving behind his village ravaged by a terrible drought. All the villagers came out to wish him well, and everyone gave what he could: an egg, a handful of peanuts or a few kola nuts... 


As in the folktale, Sobgui, a former computer programmer who now drives a "clando" cab in Douala, flees to Europe . In Cologne (Germany),  Sobgui joins a community of African emigrants.. Sobgui begins a love affair with Madeleine, a German political activist who encourages Sobgui  to return home and fight for change.

BIKUTSI WATER BLUES - L'eau de misere (Trailer)
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